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Current Project

ONCE, First National Tour
appearing as Baruška standby
directed by John Tiffany
December 16, 2014 – December 27, 2015
ONCE The Musical website

Kind Words


i don't know how to convey how incredible you are. how your voice is a gift that goes beyond words into spirit. how much we, all of us, this world, need you, this. thank you.

Hannah Marcotti, Magic Maker @


Maggie Hollinbeck is perfectly cast as Charlotte. She plays Charlotte with a vulnerability that makes her seem like she is going to break.... Yet Charlotte continues to find her strength. It is always a pleasure to hear Hollinbeck sing, and this is no exception.

Bill Burgua, review of “Little Fish”

Lambda-Broadway Backwards_2

Maggie is an intelligent and insightful actor with a strong, expressive voice. It's always a joy to work with her and to hear her sensitive interpretations of my songs. I look forward to our next collaboration, and recommend her most highly.

John Bucchino, Broadway composer


Maggie Hollinbeck does a great deal with a small role, mingling grace with pain as Peter’s disappointed but loving mother—and Hollinbeck’s duet with Blair in “See Me” will break the heart of anyone who’s had to come out to a beloved parent as well as any parent who’s had to listen.

Kel Munger, review of “bare: a pop opera”


With the winsome Maggie Hollinbeck as the determined Heather, the production has a smart, intriguing center with equal amounts of assurance and vulnerability. Hollinbeck carries the show’s ["I'm Getting My Act Together And Taking It On The Road"] best tunes with a supple and emotive voice, which continually summons more heft than you think it will.

Marcus Crowder, The Sacramento Bee