45 Days in Italy

Florence Part I: Everything Else and the David

I’ve been procrastinating the Florence posts because…I think…I’ve hit…traveler’s fatigue.  That point where you look up at another old building on another charming cobblestone street across from another pretty church…and …

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Rome Part IV: St. Peter’s and the Rest

Oh my goodness, I’ve got some catching up to do!  If you do too, read all my Italy posts here. *** Note to self: Sunday is not a great day …

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Rome Part III: The One Where I Wander

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh!   That means Happy St. Patrick’s Day in good ol’ Irish, you know…that language that I can’t get enough of. *** As this blog post …

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Rome Part II: When in Rome, Wear High Heels (but bring flats)

Catching up?  Read all my Italy posts here! So I high-tailed it for Rome right after work.  Another 11th-hour change-up lay ahead of me, though: the plan to drive to …

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Rome Part I: Embrace the 11th Hour Change-Up

The guidebooks had been staring at me all week long, and I had been politely ignoring them.  But now it was Friday afternoon, and they were glaring at me menacingly; …

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Herculaneum: Small-Town Pompeii

The day after I toured Pompeii, I went back down the coast for a second look at ancient volcano ruins; ten minutes closer is the fascinating partially-excavated ruins of Herculaneum, …

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A question for longtime readers: do you prefer this layout, with pictures peppered amongst the text? Or do you prefer the slideshow up top and uninterrupted text, like I did …

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