Gather & Grow

Learn about mental health, tools for growth & healing, and surround yourself with a community of others on the journey. 

You're not alone anymore.

Gather & Grow:
Self-Healing in Community

From my years of individual and couples therapy focusing on trauma, I’ve developed a toolkit of self-healing practices and skills that you can learn in a group setting, with monthly support calls & a loving community of others who are on the path as well.

You’ll learn how to practice more self-compassion, calm and re-regulate your nervous system, process stress and traumatic material to lower your stress baseline, and become your own best friend. 

Gather & Grow offers a rotating curriculum and welcomes new members every month. Jump in at any point and know that you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

Where and When

Here's the deets:

Coming soon! Join the waitlist below to learn more and register when the first Gather & Grow launches in Spring 2023.

Gather & Grow

Month 1:
the basic tools

Learn how trauma works in the body, and a few essential tools that we’ll utilize throughout our journey.

Month 2:
witnessing your self

Learn how to become a compassionate witness to your experience, without getting swept up in the emotions that arise.

Month 3:
your nervous system

Learn about your central nervous system and its role in trauma recovery. Learn tools to work with your CNS as you heal.

month 4:
Inner re-parenting

Learn how to become your own loving parent, a source of security and attunement within yourself that’s available at all times.

month 5:
emotional regulation

Learn how to recognize signs that you are regulated or dysregulated, and tools to regulate your emotions and physical sensations.

month 6:
integrating the past

Learn how to digest and process past and present traumas, upsetting events, and other difficult emotions or memories.