About Maggie

Born in Minnesota, raised in Northern California, currently residing in New York City ~ Maggie exudes wholesome warmth, free spirit, and namaste-your-ass-into-next-week strength.

Maggie is a seasoned veteran of musical, classical, and contemporary theatre, and an emerging presence in TV & film. Best known for her warm, maternal roles (Baruška, Once; and Baker’s Wife, Into the Woods), she has also wowed audiences in more wild + intense roles such as Harper Pitt in Angels in America and Beggar Woman in Sweeney Todd.

Her early training in piano led to a lifelong love of music and a leg up in the flourishing actor/musician genre, which has challenged her to try her hand at more than a dozen musical instruments. She’s now fluent in piano, guitar, and accordion, and has released several musical recordings.

Along with her extensive performing experience, Maggie also has a degree in psychology, a certification in Reiki, and a decade and a half of meditation practice. She’s counseled hundreds of clients from preschoolers to Marines with her trademark philosophy: care deeply and pull no punches.

She often follows up a three-day juice cleanse with a shot of bourbon.

Warm, wise, strong, spirited. Maggie.